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beCause we can...

Imagine a site where you can Shop with Cause — an online marketplace featuring Cause-based shopping.  After leaving retail in the Fall 2016 (see below), that’s exactly what I hoped to create with beCausegoods.com, where all net proceeds were donated to Causes furthering essential human rights.  I’ve now chosen to close the shopping end of my site, but my dream is still alive. Many thanks to my wonderful collaborators and supporters, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideas or inspiration on how to make an online Cause-based marketplace a reality. Until then, always speak up, speak out.

beCause we can.

beCause we must.


we must...

Why beCause?  beCause we must speak up, we must speak out, for Causes we believe in.  

Our Causes?   Supporting women’s rights and reproductive health.  Fighting for equal rights and dignity for all.  Stopping the scary rise of hate speech. And helping to elect leaders who support these Causes.


beCause we can be for a Cause.

After 19 successful years in fashion as the owner of Distractions, a luxury designer boutique in Aspen, I chose to leave retail in the Fall of 2016.  The wonderful arrival of grandchldren, combined with the surprising election results, caused me to refocus. 

It’s time to give back, to speak up, to speak out.  

beCause we can.  beCause we must.

Heidi Semrau, beCausegoods.com

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