Speak with Subtle Grace with Denev


Do you prefer to speak with subtle grace?

If that's you. then speak up, speak out softly but powerfully in a prayer bead necklace by Denev Designs.

Colorado artist Megan Wussow of DeNev Designs sees her pieces as non-denominational tools to raise conscious awareness.

The Prayer Bead necklaces are about more than adornment. Based on traditional Hindu or Buddhist “Mala’s” with 108 beads, Megan hand-carves and hand casts every single one of the charm “guru beads”, hand sets any stones, and knots each of the 108 stones on every strand.  Each Mala includes a prayer card with a detailed description, unique to it’s stones.

Shop with Cause with beCausegoods.com where ALL net proceeds go to essential human rights including ACLU and SPLC.  By wearing one of Megan’s pieces, not only are you supporting human rights Causes, but you are bringing yourself into alignment with your own conscious awareness. 

Speak softly but powerfully - Just Speak up Speak out!

Heidi Semrau