#TAKEAKNEE: Let's Talk About it with The People's Supper


Is the #takeaknee protest about Racism?  Or is it about respect for our Flag?

Now more than ever is the time for face-to-face conversation, at your dinner table and beyond.  We need to talk, to connect with one another, to find common ground. 

Meet “The People’s Supper,” an organization that is doing just that: creating and fostering space to spark and encourage conversations that bridge beliefs and inspire dialogue.

Their concept is simple: they bring a group of willing people with differing views together for a meal, and give them an opportunity to exchange their ideas in a warm and comfortable setting.   Think of it as a safe space with food and conversation, and hopefully an exchange of meaningful ideas and understanding. 

We hope you’ll follow their example and create similar conversations at your own table.  And with Dish Studio for beCause, you can let your table do the talking as well. 

beCause we can, because we must!

Heidi Semrau