"We're Mad as Hell" Sale


Tired of complaining about Trump?  Are you mad as hell and can’t take it any more?  Then it’s time to take action and VOTE! 

I find myself thinking back to this photo taken by Ai Weiwei on the day of Trump’s inauguration, and released as a skateboard triptych on his 100th day in office.  Yes, it’s how I feel, but giving Trump and his agenda the finger is meaningless unless we vote.

We can yell, cry, rally and march till our feet fall off, but nothing will change until we make it happen at the ballot box.  We can’t get rid of Trump quite yet, but it’s time to send a message to the spineless men, and yes women too, in the Senate and House that we’re not OK with their blind support of Trump’s hateful agenda.

So let’s regain the House, and hopefully the Senate too. To help do so, beCausegoods is offering special savings of 60% off and more through election day, November 6th, and donating ALL net proceeds to Emily’s List

Gear up, get ready, and VOTE!

beCause we can, beCause we must.

Heidi Semrau