Why beCause?  beCause we can, beCause we must.

beCause my grandparents were part of the “huddled masses yearning to be free” who were lucky enough to get out and get here.  beCause my children, my grandchildren, deserve to live in a world filled with hope.  beCause we all deserve to live in a land where our basic human rights are honored, are respected.  

After 19 years in fashion as the owner of Distractions, the sale of my store this past Fall combined with our recent election results caused me, like so many, to refocus.   It’s time to give back, to speak up, to speak out.  There are so many important Causes right now, and I hope this will be a forum to share our concerns, raise awareness, and shop for a Cause.

Heidi Semrau, beCausegoods.com